Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Treasure Hunt! What's Out There?

( A great tree treasure ) 
First, sorry to be gone for so long. The good thing is that I have been outside and traveling. I got to be in Maine for a week running a ropes course training for summer camp staff. The camp is in Denmark Maine, and a wonderful place. Here is the view of Moose Lake which is a home to many Loons! Yeah it was tough.
Anyway, before I went out there, I was up in the city with my some friends of ours and we were walking in a park in the Berkeley hills with their kids. Before we headed out I was talking to Lucy, the oldest at almost 4, and asked her what we should look for on our hike. She responded, "treasures"! I was going to suggest that we should on a scavenger hunt. Lucy's response of treasures, got me thinking why go on a scavenger hunt, when you can go on a Treasure Hunt. Treasure hunting sounds much more fun then scavenging. We ended up collecting acorns and rocks. It was a good day. 
So, let's go on a Treasure Hunt. If you want another hunt to go on, check out this previous postingThis hunt is a little more of a challenge perhaps then the previous one, but have a blast exploring!
-- Find a plant shading a second plant while being shaded by a third plant.
            How did so many plants get into such small area?
-- Find objects that are the following shapes: square, circle, triangle, heart, etc. What is the    oddest shape you can find?
-- Find something that is turning into soil. Find as many animals and plants that are helping.
-- Find two plants growing on another plant, and two plants growing on a non-living thing.
            How do they hang on?
-- Find five different shades of brown.
-- Find three trees with evidence of animals.  What have the animals been doing?
            How do you know?
-- Find a tree the same height as you.
-- Find a leaf the same size as your hand. 
-- Find a tree too big for you to reach around.

Of course you can add as many other things to find! Keep exploring! A fun challenge could be to see how many of these things you can find within 100' or so of your house. And how many items on your list did you have to go somewhere else to find?

Website to explore: Wildlife Observations is a web site dedicated to sharing your nature observations with others around the country. It is easy to join and fun to explore. 

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