Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seeds of Change.

Seeds just waiting for a ride!

So we know, after reading one of the previous posts, that SEEDS are one of the 6 plant parts that plants and people need. The fall is a great time to go exploring for seeds and an opportunity to help nature do a little plant propagation.

As the seasons change and many plants go from flowering/ fruiting to dropping leaves and fruit, seeds are sent out across the land to spread the species. We can help in that process. While this can be fun, the first thing is to do a little research to find out what plants are invasive in your area. Please do not spread these seeds.

So head outside and see what plants are getting ready to send out there seeds. You might have to get down on your hands and knees to find some plants, but that can be part of the fun. Once you find a good plant prospect, take some, but not all of the available seeds, and let them go into the wind. While you can gather the seeds of plants that are not areal in nature, the areal seeds are much more fun to send on their way.

Head out and have some fun! See how far the seeds can travel! Maybe bring a few of the seeds home to add to your nature collection, and to examine more closely.

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If you have children, or work with children, this group has a great collection of music that has a nature focus. These guys are amazing! They are all teachers in various capacities including running outdoor education programs in California. Enjoy!

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