Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The F.B.I!!

They are EVERYWHERE, the F.B.I: Fungus, Bacteria, and Invertebrates! Yes that is an actual invertebrate (Banana Slug)in this photo, and I have size 8 1/2 feet. Heading out and looking for the F.B.I can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. You might actually get a little dirty, muddy, and maybe even a little soggy. But not necessarily. The F.B.I, the decomposers and scavengers of the natural world are amazing!

Going on an F.B.I hunt is easy, and you often do not have to go very far. Now in reality you are only going to see Fungus and Invertebrates. You might smell the presence of Bacteria but without special equipment, you will not see Bacteria.

Searching for the F.B.I brings our attention to a much more concentrated arena. Almost the opposite of using wide angle vision! However, I have found, especially with fungus, that I find myself noticing fungi in my peripheral vision on walks in the woods.

During an F.B.I hunt you can get as detailed as you wish. You might opt for simply finding and looking at various fungi and invertebrates, or you might go out with field guides and spend more time identifying what you find.

You will also be able to find evidence of the F.B.I. on your hunts. Rotting logs, decomposing leaves, and slug or worm scat. Start be simply digging through leaves and under logs. You might be surprised by what you find. Without the F.B.I we would be wading through piles of refuse, and our ecosystems would not get the nutrients they need from dead material. These little creatures are a key link in nutrient cycles. Have fun with the F.B.I!

Nature Nugget:
A brief word about mushrooms specifically. There are many species of mushrooms that grow wild, and some of them are very tasty like oyster, slippery jack, and the morel. However, there are other mushrooms such as the DEATH CAP and the DESTROYING ANGEL that will kill you. Unless you 1000% certain about the mushrooms you find in the wild, DO NOT EAT THEM! Every year there are incidents of skilled mushroom hunters dying from eating mushrooms that are slightly out of season. So please tread lightly into the world of mushroom hunting. Seek out qualified instruction.

Cool Website I found!
Check out this site, it does a great job of explaining the phases of the moon and how they happen.

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